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Andrei Calazans

What do I think of studying Rust?

/ 2 min read


Did I enjoy learning the Rust? Certainly. I found it interesting and I am now more aware of its syntactic quirks.

There is a positive feeling from writing programs in a language you know won’t ever have a performance bottleneck, it’s like driving a Ferrari, it might not be the most comfortable car, but knowing it’s hella of quick feels good.

Writing Rust, similarly to driving a ferrari, is equally not as comfortable as driving a luxury sedan with electric steering. However, it feels good to (a) know its type system got you and (b) that running fast shouldn’t ever be a problem.

One of the things that motivated me too look into Rust is considering the thought of a “cold-blooded software”, that is, software that adapts well to time and changes. I find that a strict sound type system and a ability to output low level instructions without runtime overhead such as a Rusts does can yield programs that not only scale but can last forever. But is this true?

It perhaps it is true that a Rust program can last forever and that it can scale. But, that won’t come without a cost to implementation that is above easier to use programming languages. And perhaps in this camp Golang could be a better middle-ground, but what do I know.

On another note, scaling often is more related to being able to hire people with expertise on a language or programming environment.

I am grateful for spending some time learning Rust further, if I ever get a change to be paid to write software in Rust I’m pretty sure I would enjoy it.

Are you interested in learning Rust? Here a few links to look into: