Andrei Calazans


I am a Software Engineer, these are my notes and thoughts
about Software Development.


Writing cross platform Software has been my main focus. I work with JavaScript to write software to more than 11 platforms. I have had to write code in more than 3 different languages to able to succeed at this. Learn to run and test Applications on all these different environments.

Through my career I have participated on projects for different company sizes. From smaller Start-Ups like Lattice in Silicon Valley to multi-millionaire corporations like You.i TV which together with I helped produce software for companies like Peloton.

I recently concluded 5 years of Civil Engineering College. I chose to pursuit this degree because I love Mathematics and Physics. Engineering boosted my confidence to solve greater problems. I was challenged by classes to always push my limits beyond. I had to learn subjects like Statistics, Fluid mechanics, Calculus, and Social Studies. In a multidisciplinary course I implemented a calculator for the minimum pressure required at the suction port of the pump to keep the pump from cavitating. We needed the values from Moody chart to calculate the friction caused by the pipes, however I did not want to log every value for that chart. I then solved this issue by writing an algorithm, it returned the value of the Moody chart based on the solution of the Colebrook equation, this algorithm used Newton’s method for finding zeros to solve the Colebrook equation.

For 5 years I worked as an English Teacher. I challenged myself to be a better explainer, it improved my communication skills and my topic processing ability. I learnt how I could summarise and simplify harder ideas into simpler ones. My professional success as a Developer is due to my background in Teaching and studying Civil Engineering. 3 years since I started working as a Software Developer, I got my first job after roughly 6 months of learning on my own. The internet helped me become a Web Developer. The mindset of continuous learning helps me become a better person.