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Andrei Calazans

How do you cache FlatList.renderItem? Is the below FlatList.renderItem properly cached?

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You might be asking yourself: how do I properly memoize FlatList’s renderItem when its onPress needs to know the ID of the item?

Let’s see below.

Is the below FlatList.renderItem properly cached?

  const renderItem = useCallback(
    ({ item: { node } }) => {
      const slug = node.slug;
      const handlePress = () => {
        push('SignedOutAssetScreen', { assetSlug: slug });

      return <MarketCell onPress={handlePress} key={node.uuid} asset={node} />;

Given that MarketCell is a memoized functional component - const MarketCell = memo((props) => ...);

Will MarketCell have re-renders or memo cache invalidations given its props?

You would think the answer is no since it is wrapped by a useCallback and the dependency push never changes, however, a careful look shows that the answer is:

The answer is yes


Because handlePress is unstable. A function defined inside the renderItem’s useCallback will be recreated everytime renderItem is called.

This recreation causes memo’s cache to be invalidated.

How do we solve this problem?

Good thing you asked. XD

To answer the question I want to argue that it is a good practice to avoid defining unmemoized inlined functions when your useCallback needs to return a component that consumes that callback.

So for our case we can wrap the MarketCell component in another component so we can make sure to use a useCallback for the onPress callback:

const Item = memo(
  ({ asset }: { asset: MarketCellProps['asset'] & { slug: string } }) => {
    const slug = asset.slug;
    const { push } = useStackNavigation();
    const handlePress = useCallback(() => {
      push('SignedOutAssetScreen', { assetSlug: slug });
    }, [slug, push]);

    return <MarketCell onPress={handlePress} asset={asset} />;

changing the renderItem to:

  const renderItem = useCallback(({ item: { node } }) => {
    return <Item key={node.uuid} asset={node} />;
  }, []);