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React Native Weekly - W46 2021

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Welcome to the 34th edition of React Native Weekly!

This is week 46 of 2021: November 8th to 14th.

Make the reactNativeArchitectures property more discoverable

Nicola Corti added reactNativeArchitectures property to for you to specify architecture on Android.

diff --git a/template/android/ b/template/android/
index 11d6e02418e..389db0c1880 100644
--- a/template/android/
+++ b/template/android/
@@ -26,3 +26,8 @@ android.enableJetifier=true
 # Version of flipper SDK to use with React Native
+# Use this property to specify which architecture you want to build.
+# You can also override it from the CLI using
+# ./gradlew <task> -PreactNativeArchitectures=x86_64

Default {bubbling,direct}EventTypes to {} in Native VCs

Ramanpreet Nara continued the work to make the Native View Configs match the functionality of the Static View Config.

  • The View Config defines the properties you can use/access for the native component counterpart.

Ramanpreet also did further work on the StaticViewConfigValidator he created to make it output objects. The StaticViewConfigValidator creates a diff between the native and static view config to show the difference.

Support RootView in UIManagerHelper.getSurfaceId

Pieter De Baets had added getSurfaceId to UIManagerHelper to get the view tag for Fabric root views. He noticed getSurfaceId duplicates the logic for getSurfaceIdForView and thus refactors the code by removing getSurfaceId in favor of the legacy getSurfaceIdForView and extending this latter method to support getting the view tag.

+    if (view instanceof ReactRoot) {
+      ReactRoot rootView = (ReactRoot) view;
+      return rootView.getUIManagerType() == UIManagerType.FABRIC ? rootView.getRootViewTag() : -1;
+    }

Introduce RootView.onChildEndedNativeGesture method [Android]

Xin Chen added onChildEndedNativeGesture to the RootView interface to let its implementations notify the JS side that a child gesture is ended on Android.

Comment from code:

+  /**
+   * Helper method that should be called when a native view ends a native gesture (e.g. a native
+   * ScrollView takes control of a gesture stream and starts scrolling). This will handle
+   * dispatching the appropriate events to JS to make sure future gesture is not blocked.
+   *
+   * @param view the View ending the native gesture
+   * @param event the MotionEvent that caused the gesture to be ended
+   */
+  public static void notifyNativeGestureEnded(View view, MotionEvent event) {
+    RootViewUtil.getRootView(view).onChildEndedNativeGesture(view, event);
+  }

It is not yet clear how this will be used. But, the comment above implies allowing React Native to be notified when a native view is done with controlling the gesture stream.

Rename Keyboard.removeEventListener to removeListener


Introduce RCTViewUtils

This commit is a demonstration by Phillip Pan on how C functions are superior to Objective-C++ static class methods because they incur less binary size cost [1]

He thus converts a static class method used in RCTView to a C function.

Fix crash on multiple shadow threads [Android]

This commit by chenmo187 fixes a crash on Android where caused by two separate threads accessing/mutating the same resource.

He explains this only happens when you have multiple tabs and with each having its own ReactInstanceManager (maybe caused by using react-native-navigation?), not sure.

Pass testID down in Modal

Commit. This was an issue because you couldn’t grab the Modal via testID.

Fix RCTAlertController import when embed in existing iOS projects

Commit summary:

Fixes a build error relating to RCTAlertController import when embedding react-native into existing iOS app. This PR resolves the issue detailed here



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