Andrei Calazans

React Native Weekly - W45 2021

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Welcome to the 33rd edition of React Native Weekly!

The week 45 of 2021 was a slower than usual week, it contains all the work in-between: November 1st to 7th.

Workflow for version labels

Lucas Bento's commit added Github actions to 1) create a label for each released version and 2) automatically apply this label version when an issue is opened mentioning the given version.

If you want to take a look at the Github Actions Lucas created you can find them here: Create version label and Apply version label.

Add workflow to create version labels on new releases (#32508)

Changelog moved back to core repo

This commit adds the release changelog back to the core repo. It was previously hosted a React Native Community repo.

Improvements to Codegen

Ramanpreet Nara and Héctor Ramos made a few changes to the Codegen logic.

Most notable Ramanpreet refactored the use of string replace for the use of templates.

Fix split-screen app reconstruct

somena1 fixed an issue related to split screen Android devices.

When switching between split screen or resizing the screen window on Android causes a restart by reconstructing the app components as described on this issue

The fix is to add screenLayout and smallestScreenSize to AndroidManifest's android:configChanges

Remove iOS 11 availability check

This commit by Ken Tominaga is a good reminder that React Native mininum iOS deployment target is iOS 11.

Check for double dispose when sending touch event [Android]

Andrei Shikov found a double dispatching issue with touch events on Android.

-      TouchesHelper.sendTouchEventModern(rctEventEmitter, this, /* useDispatchV2 */ true);
+      if (verifyMotionEvent()) {
+        TouchesHelper.sendTouchEventModern(rctEventEmitter, this, /* useDispatchV2 */ true);
+      }

Ensure WritableMap is copied before consuming object

In another commit Andrei Shikov also fixed an issue with touch events where the touch objects would cause crash in production due to high-firing conditions for CANCEL events.

And this was caused by the WritableMap object not being properly copied over.

Allow setting architecture in RNTester and release builds

Commit by Neil Dhar

You can now do specify the native debug architecture when building the rn-tester:

./gradlew -PreactNativeDebugArchitectures=x86_64 :packages:rn-tester:android:app:installJscDebug



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