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React Native Weekly - W40 2021

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Welcome to the 28th edition of React Native Weekly!

This is week 40 of 2021: September 27th to October 3rd.

React Native v66.0

Release post

Add snapToAlignment to ScrollView [Android]

The snapToAlignment prop on the ScrollView was a iOS only prop. David Vacca makes a series of commits: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (7) where he extends the and to support this feature. It is currently released under a feature flag.

Example of snap to alignment set:

Android Bundle Size Reduction

APK size went from 30MB to 26.3MB for a release bundle with Hermes disabled and from 23.6MB to 20.7MB for a release bundle with Hermes enabled. Source.

enniel introduced a fix that cleans up the Gradle VM for debug and release builds. What he found was that some shared object files for release were being left behind on the debug build and vice-versa.

Correct keyboard height with notch [Android]

fabriziobertoglio1987 fixed an issue on Android where the keyboard height did not consider the Android Notch height thus being wrong when the device had a notch (API 28+).

Add asdf-vm support in

This commit adds support for asdf (a tool/runtime version manager based on plugins, think “nvm” for multiple tools).

Adding interface to wrap surface interactions for LogBox

Xin Chen abstracted the logic for creating the content view of the LogBox, previously it defaulted to creating a Android view, with this abstraction each platform can determine what the surface will be.

Nested text onPress not working on last character [Android]

Second commit in master from fabriziobertoglio1987, this commit fixes a long standing issue where onPress did not trigger on the last character on Android.

Fix Image defaultSource not showing on iOS

Commit fixes a regression which seems to have been introduced between version 0.63 and 0.65.

Make ClipboardModule TurboModule-compatible

This commit makes the ClipboardModule TurboModule compatible, it might be a showcase of what you have to do to make any native support TurboModule in the future.

TextInput Drawable to avoid Null Pointer Exception RuntimeError

Re-rendering a large number of TextInputs with key prop on the screen will trigger the a Null Pointer Exception Runtime Error.

I suggest checking the actual PR for this one, I didn’t dig much into it to understand why this fix is as is.



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