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React Native Weekly - W33 2021

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Welcome to the 22nd and second late 😅 edition of React Native Weekly!

I suffered a leg injury while playing volleyball and I needed some rest, but here we are.

Dynamic color borders RNTester example

As we saw in another React Native Weekly when Jordan Becker introduced a fix the dynamic colors not updating on the fly, this week his examples were merged.

PlatformColor and DynamicColorIOS in action:

Fix Undefined symbol: _swift_FORCE_LOAD$_swiftFileProvider when building with Xcode 13

This change fixes Xcode 13 build error in HelloWorld template.

Introduce RCTPlatformColorUtils

This handles converting PlatformColor strings to their corresponding RGBA and this other change connects the RCTPlatformColorsUtils to the PlatformColorParser.

Phillip Pan does not yet cover:

  • customColor
  • iOS Dynamic Colors
  • Variant Colors

Updated TextInput autoCompleteType prop to autoComplete 2/2 (#26010)

This is a breaking change, you can expect the autoCompleteType prop on TextInput to be just autoComplete now.

Warning for legacy Native Modules

This change, this and this adds a flat and logger that can trigger logs for when the legacy Native Modules are used, this is in preparation for Fabric.

Allow Modal to handle hardware escape key in the same way the back button is handled (#31564)

On Android, when a hardware keyboard is connected pressing the escape key will partially dismiss an active <Modal> without calling the onRequestClose callback. The modal will disappear, but the underlying activity may still be present, blocking interaction with the main app below and leaving things in a partially broken state.

This change fixes this issue. This is only present in Android.

Fix TextInput Cursor jumping to the right when the placeholder null [Android]

Quote from change:

The null value causes the cursor to jump to the right in a TextInput. The fix replaces the placeholder null value with an empty string which avoid calling setHint(null) as causes the placeholder to jump to the right


Tweet on misconception of React Native’s performance

Ashoat Tevosyan tweeted a very cool thread about the misconception that performance on native apps is by default better than React Native. He explained in his thread how the multi-threaded model of React Native can yield better performance than native, specially with JSI/TurboModules enabled.

See full thread

I have witnessed this on apps running on Android TV.

React Native Document Picker was rewritten in TS

Better documentation and easier to contribute to said Vojtech Novak in his tweet. Check out react-native-document-picker here.

That Is It!

That’s it for this week. If you want to see more checkout the previous week’s posts here. Subscribe to get notified when new posts are out = )