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Andrei Calazans

A Guide To Managing Tech Teams

/ 2 min read

Dave Farley does an excellent job going over the topic of how to lead technical teams. I highly recommend you watch the video.

Notes & Comments

”Best Capitan is not always the best player”.

Leads difficulty is to allow others to work in a way they wouldn’t. Micro management results in people who are unmotivated to pro-actively help.

Job of the leader is to serve the team and make them productive.

”Being a leader is like hosting a party, inviting everyone, providing drinks, and letting them have fun”. He exemplifies being the communication point for a larger company where he worked as a lead.

”Avoid remote-control programming” through specs. He exemplifies Architects trying to do this through high-level specs.

To lead effectively you need to allow others to work in their way and let them make mistakes - safely.

The best team leads teach the team to find their own answers.

Consensus-based decisions. “I have strong opinions, but I hold them lightly”.

Praise in public and critique in private.

You should guide their performance with feedbacks constantly, don’t wait for a fixed date performance review to arrive. Dave mentions he thinks it is a failure to surprise his developer in a performance review.

If you find yourself in a position of delivery of bad news focus on them, don’t spend time about talking yourself and how bad you feel for delivering this bad new.