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React Native Weekly - W14 2021

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Welcome to the third edition of React Native Weekly = )

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The React Native Show Podcast - Episode 4: “Expert Guide to React Navigation”

Callstack and team did a podcast about React Navigation version 5.

Satyajit Sahoo explained the motivation behind the rewrite and the problems they tried to solve.

He explained the main reason was to make the React Navigation API dynamic. He also goes over some internal improvements they made like:

  • Using Reanimated
  • Adding support for native navigators where it matters,
  • improvements to the event systems,
  • adding theme support,
  • extracting out the UI component library into its own thing,
  • and more.

It was a cool conversation, and I enjoyed listening to it.

Infinite Red React Native Podcast

React Native for Junior Developers (and Virtual Coffee) w/ Bekah Hawrot Weigel went over the struggles of Junior developers as a whole and tips for choosing a code school.

This was also a relaxed talk despite them not going over too much of the hurdles with starting out with React Native.

It got me inspired into writing a post on what are the topics which you need to learn if you want to be a productive React Native developer, reach out to me via Twitter if you would be interested in a post like that = )

React Native Now Requires cocoapods >= 1.10.1

b50b7e3a19 Update React.podspec to require cocoapods >= 1.10.1 (#31134)

Add getAuthorizationStatus to NativePushNotificationManagerIOS

I’m surprised to see updates to the PushNotificationManagerIOS. You can understand the change by just looking at the type definition of this method:

diff --git a/Libraries/PushNotificationIOS/NativePushNotificationManagerIOS.js b/Libraries/PushNotificationIOS/NativePushNotificationManagerIOS.js
index 1eec7bde81..84d59b030a 100644
--- a/Libraries/PushNotificationIOS/NativePushNotificationManagerIOS.js
+++ b/Libraries/PushNotificationIOS/NativePushNotificationManagerIOS.js
@@ -65,6 +65,9 @@ export interface Spec extends TurboModule {
   +getDeliveredNotifications: (
     callback: (notification: Array<Notification>) => void,
   ) => void;
+  +getAuthorizationStatus: (
+    callback: (authorizationStatus: number) => void,
+  ) => void;
   +addListener: (eventType: string) => void;
   +removeListeners: (count: number) => void;

Return Value To JS Call In UIManagerBinding (Fabric Update)

Can you call a C++ method from the JavaScript thread and get a return value synchronously? Previously no, but with Fabric yes!!!

-static void callMethodOfModule(
+static jsi::Value callMethodOfModule(

This commit adds the capability for the UIManagerBinding::callMethodOfModule to return a jsi::Value.

What is the Paper rendering system?

I didn’t know until Christoph Nakazawa responded to my tweet about this post 🎉

According to Christoph, Facebook calls the old renderer (prior to Fabric) Paper.

So, it does not mean they made their own renderer using a Graphics API like Vulkan 😅. And I also remember that this is not likely to happen since Eli White once said their decision to leverage platform widgets were intentional to the main objectives of creating React Native.

Add displayName to Touchables To Stop Messing Up Jest

Since TouchableHighlight and TouchableOpacity are being exported using forwardRef, it’s messing up jest’s snapshots and some matchers. This commit 4b935ae95f09e4a1eb1e5ac8089eb258222a0f8b fixed this for components being mocked on setup.js. However, these Touchables aren’t being mocked.

c4e40b81c0 feat: add displayName to touchables (#29531)

LayoutAnimation Engine Updates

There seems to be a refactor effort around the LayoutAnimation driver to improve it. This means we will be getting a more stable and reliable LayoutAnimation API soon.

706a223dd2 Refactor LA: keyFrames have N "final items" to execute  
f915ca99be EZ refactor  
22c9b7d520 If a parent node is DELETEd or CREATEd, immediately end animation  
63c0be55d5 EZ: Make StubViewTree "Delete" logs consistent with other logs  
4ae1a9bea8 Do not check consistency of updated Virtual views  
9ea0020054 For certain types of conflicts we do *not* want to generate a final UPDATE mutation  
ae264b995f Update 'viewPrev' as well as 'viewStart' when transitioning from one animation to another  
92b8075120 Recursively clean up conflicting animations  
61d59fff23 Add additional debug logging in LayoutAnimationDriver  
17c3846838 Only run assert-only path in debug mode  
17c3846838 Only run assert-only path in debug mode  
01f7d4f720 Refactor duplicated code into queueFinalMutationsForCompletedKeyFrame  
64c93977bd Log ShadowView hash with verbose StubViewTree logs; and when StubView comparisons fail  
64c93977bd Log ShadowView hash with verbose StubViewTree logs; and when StubView comparisons fail  
638e788e06 Improve StubViewTree logging when comparisons fail  
e9ff6d8bca Print ShadowView hash when displaying instructions  
8f52fb24ec Make mutation sorting more clear  

C++ 17 in React Native targets.

Woah!! You can write CPP 17 now in React Native = )

Short and comprehensive list of C++ features:

9ef995a14a Enable C++ 17 in React Native

Support For Text Copy To Paragraph Component (Fabric Update)

Little by little old functionalities are being supported by Fabric.

e42ffdd859 Add support for text copy to Paragraph component
0901830977 Fix default values of snapToEnd and snapToStart in ScrollViewProps

Destroy Callbacks Not Called

This is a cool memory leak caught fixed by using the RAII principles.

JSI callbacks are only destroyed if the callback is called. If the callback is never called, we’re potentially leaking a lot of callbacks. To mitigate this, we add a wrapper object that is owned by the std::function. Whenever the std::function is destroyed, the wrapper is destroyed and it deallocates the callback as well.

3d1afbbda3 destroy callbacks even if they aren’t called, when java object is destroyed

No More UNSAFE_componentWillReceiveProps in Modal

a782b6f5a1 Remove unsafe lifecycles usage

Any Invalid Color Now Fallbacks To 0x00000000

This changes processColorArray to always return an array with valid color values. Any invalid color values will fallback to being transparent black, 0x00000000.

bb6cd56fae RN: Fallback for Invalid Colors in processColorArray

Unexpected Props Will Fail Early

Previously React Native aborted or returned early when running into unexpected props. Now it fails.

cb37562f83 Remove abort in props parsing

Commit comment:

Summary: Goals are:

  1. Catch errors in parsing during dev-mode in a way that is disruptive/grabs attention, but has enough information.
  2. Use react_native_assert for hitting breakpoints (less useful for Android, more for iOS), and add LOGs for when this code is used in Android (more useful for Android, less useful for iOS).
  3. Return sane defaults so that prod cases don’t crash, and don’t return totally garbage data.

I also found a couple cases where parsing was incorrect before; see WritingDirection and TextAlignment. This could impact some layouts and RTL/LTR potentially.

Added talkback support for TouchableNativeFeedback accessibility: disabled prop (#31224)

Add talkback support for TouchableNativeFeedback component.

88f2356eed Added talkback support for TouchableNativeFeedback accessibility: disabled prop (#31224)

More C++ Improvements - Avoid Unnecessary Copies Of Arguments

7ee2a998f0 Avoid copy of shared_ptr in ConcreteComponentDescriptor::adopt

More Accessibility Improvements

7ee2acc6c8 Selected State does not annonce when TextInput Component selected (#31144)

This issue fixes and is a follow up to pr which added the basic Accessibility functionalities to React Native. TextInput should announce “selected” to the user when screenreader focused. The focus is moved to the TextInput by navigating with the screenreader to the TextInput.

That Is It!

That’s it for this week. If you want to see more checkout last week’s post here. Subscribe to get notified when new posts are out = )