Andrei Calazans

Don't Fall Into This React Bug

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  1. Unmergeable State
  2. Mergeable State
  3. Conclusion

Unmergeable state

React’s useState setter function does not automatically merge your state. This behavior is different from the class’s setState function.

For example:

// Inside a functional component
[state, setState] = useState({ name: 'Andrei' });

// In a callback. When you call setState:
setState({ age: 12 }); 

What is the resulting state after the setState call?

Current state is: {"name":"Andrei"}

Mergeable State

With Class’ setState the behavior is different:

// Inside a class component
state = { name: 'Andrei' };

// In a callback. When you call this.setState:
this.setState({ age: 12 }); 

Current state is: {"name":"Andrei"}


Don’t be a victim to this change of behavior when you migrate to the useState and useReducer hooks.